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QU90020 MT85 75w85w NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil is a 75w85w Full Synthetic, GL-4 Manual Transmission Gear Lubricant formulated by Redline that replaces the now out of production, Castrol Syntorq LT® oil in New Venture NV4500, NV4500LD, and....

3. 75W85 Series-Type; 9.8 to 11.5 cSt ( Redline's MTL, RP's Synchromax LT, Nissan's MTL, Honda MTL, Castrol Syntorq LT) 4. 75W90 Series-Type; 12.8 to 14.5 cSt (Amsoil's MTG, Redline's MT-90). MTL specific lubes we're developed for manual tranny's and transaxles, and not for differentials or industrial gear boxes. A differential lube may not ...(RTTNews) - The following are some of the stocks making big moves in Tuesday's pre-market trading (as of 07.05 A.M. ET). In the Green Arbe Robo... (RTTNews) - The following are ...Mar 27 2024 dec 14 2019 the 2020 sierra doesn t have a manual transmission option but it does offer a number of choices it has six trim levels base sle elevation slt ...

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Aug 20, 2014 · From what I hear, the Castrol Syntorq LT, the proper NV4500 oil sold under the GM 12346190, is only available in bulk quantities, the smallest being a 15 or 30 gallon drum. I take it you guys buy the big drum of Castrol Syntorq LT, then re-package it?Transmax® Offroad V 75W-75. Castrol Transmax Offroad V 75W-75 is a full-synthetic, high-performance, wet brake transaxle fluid. This fluid is formulated with a high-performance additive package that allows for longer drain intervals when compared to conventional wet brake transaxle fluids. Advantages.Location. Indy. Mar 11, 2003. #1. Vipers from 1992 ~ 1998 came with Dexron IIE then III ATF as the factory fill in their Borg Warner T-56 manual transmissions. From 1999 on, the same transmission (now Tremac manufactured) came filled with Castrol Syntorq, from what I gather primarily for neutral gear rattle reduction.

What source should I use for the gear oil for the nv4500? I called the Chev dealer and they want $20/qt and the dodge dealer wants $25/qt. I know its an expensive trans but $80-100 of oil????Castrol Syntorq LT or equivalent SAE 75w-90 GL-4 gear oil.----- (Don't waste your time looking for Castrol Syntorq in quart containers its not sold retail. I think you can get it in 5 gallon pails and bigger through thier distributors or something like that) Some NV4500 specialists repackage it and sell it in 2 quart containers.GM 12346190 'Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid' ~$20/qt (this is probably the Castrol Syntorq LT and then there is : ENEOS/NIPPON OIL 75W90 GL5 SYNTHETIC GEAR OIL Have any geeks ever found a comparison and spec for the friction modifier packs in these oils that is relevant to our 6 speeds?TRIAX DTF-2 Professional 75W-85 GL-5 - Full Synthetic Differential & Drive Train Fluid, Lifetime Fill, Limited Slip Ready (1 Quart) Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazon’s store. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazon’s commitment to empowering them. Learn more.Dark Mode; Light Mode; menu Log in

TR3550 for use in Chrysler vehicles Castrol Syntorq: MTG: TR3450 GM Synchromesh: MTF: TR3650 Dexron III/Mercon, Mercon V: ATF: ... JWS 3309 ETL7045E and ETL8072B Shell 3403 Esso LT 71141: ATF: Wholesale Price List Request * * * * * WHY SHOP HERE? FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping options for all wholesale account types ...Jan 11, 2005. #7. ringmaster, try doing a search of this forum using the word “Syntorq” and see what you find. The stuff has already been discussed here before. I believe it is a GL-4 75W-85 gear oil, the same as specified for my Nissan 6-speed. I never pursued it vigourously and never found a supplier of the stuff.3. 75W85 Series-Type; 9.8 to 11.5 cSt ( Redline's MTL, RP's Synchromax LT, Nissan's MTL, Honda MTL, Castrol Syntorq LT) 4. 75W90 Series-Type; 12.8 to 14.5 cSt (Amsoil's MTG, Redline's MT-90). MTL specific lubes we're developed for manual tranny's and transaxles, and not for differentials or industrial gear boxes, so their … ….

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ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S ...APPLICATIONS Syntorq® LT is available in one viscosity grade equivalent to SAE 75W-85W. It has been designed primarily as a problem solving gear lubricant for manual transmissions to provide reduced gearshift effort at low temperatures. Syntorq® LT meets API GL-4 requirements and, if permitted by the OEM, can be used in other driveline ...Feb 20, 2013 · I must clarify that Genuine GM Fluid (12346190) 75W-85 GL-4 Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid is a top-tier product. Its exceptional quality and compatibility with NV4500 5-speed manual transmissions in pre-2002 Dodge Ram trucks make it a standout choice.

Detailed Description. Gear Oil; SAE 75W-90; Synthetic; 5 Gallon; Castrol Syngear Lubricants are a line of API GL-5 heavy-duty synthetic gear lubricants. They offer the highest level of protection against premature bearing failure and gear tooth wear. Their anti-foam, antirust and corrosion protection additives guard against further bearing and hq multi 75w 85 manual transmission fluid is castrol syntorq lt and is it gl 4 the part number is 999mp mtf00p if it is it can be had for one half the cost of the gm syntorq lt i picked up 3 qts for 10 00 each at my local nissan dealer. the collected short stories of maxim gorky (PDF)General Motors & DaimlerChrylser insists that only Castrol Syntorq LT be used for the NV4500 a 5 speed manual transmission. In fact, GL-4 is equivalent to the obsolete military rating MIL-L2105, which is usually satisfied with 50% less EP (extreme pressure) additive than a typical GL-5 lube. I say usually because it is only a rule of thumb and ...

panheadz pizza and pattyz menu All Wheel Drive - DriveTrain ... jc greens thomasville ncare camper shells tacoma Nissan Frontier Forums. 1st Gen Hangoutjust had an exedy clutch and new slave put in... changed t-case (dextron II) fluid, and when it came to the trans fluid i read the sticker on the side of the trans which read replace only with Castrol Syntorq... well, no parts stores carry that or even heard of it and went to the dealer and the idiot tells me "gm never used castrol oil in any of their products"... so i go get the part # for ... chase bank stratford connecticut Remember, GL-5 is GEAR oil for diffs, GL-4 is Manual Trans Fluid/Lube for manual trans... Any questions, let me know... A synchromesh GL4 Manual Transmission Lubricant (MTL) can be any viscosity from 7.0 cSt (ATF equivalent viscosity) to a 75W90 type viscosity of approx. 14.5 cSt, and contains special friction modification additives for synchronizer assembly engagement. same day pay temp agenciesdetroit axle rack and pinion reviewbaca's funeral A forum thread discussing the availability and price of Castrol Syntorq LT, a synthetic gear oil for manual transmissions. Users share their experiences, sources and alternatives for buying Syntorq LT or its equivalent GM part 12346190. death battle tournament of champions SAE MJ2360 (MIL-PRF-2105E) Eaton Approved for 300,000km's drain. Castrol Syntrax Long Life 75W-90 is a full synthetic multigrade final drive lubricant. It is Castrol's prime recommendation for final drives in heavy commercial vehicles, and is approved by MAN, Scania and ZF. Specially designed and approved by BMW for use in all BMW final drives ...I would not use anything else in an NV4500. Either GM 12346190 ("Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid") or Mopar 4874459 ("Synthetic Manual Transmission Lubricant") both are the Castrol Syntorq LT product which as far as I know cannot be bought in the Castrol label, only as GM or Mopar OEM products. Richard highway 22 crashbio life promosmartin weather radar 201 Posts. #45 · May 19, 2010. Old smart said: 1. M-B specifies only Castrol BOT 328, 75W-90, GL-4 be used in the 451 smart transaxle. 2. ExxonMobil told me that their own Mobil 1 LS, 75W-90, GL-5 oil SHOULD NOT be used in the 451 smart transaxle. 3. Getrag told me that there is no substitute for BOT 328 in the 451 smart transaxle.There are a couple of homespun fixes for this; none that I've seen work with 100% certainty. One of my engineers worked at NPG on the 4500 warranty fiasco(s); the need for Castrol SynTorq LT -type oil, and trying to secure the nut that backs off due to the high helix angle coupled with the diesels unique pulses through the drivetrain.